The Holistic Sanctuary

We cure heroin habituation at The Holistic Sanctuary finished a concrete healing method. This most advanced addiction-healing group uses plant-based medicine, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, staunch cells and different unprocessed resources to adjust and build the intent and help your body and soul. It provides victorian element and nutrients and offers optimistic reinforcement for a terminate therapeutic.

To rebuild your mentality and intellectual, you’ll brook a high-dose vitamin IV therapy and amino acids IV drips. These are needful for resetting your brain.

For cell locomote and melioration, we obligate Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. And to offer your cells with the vital nutrients they beggary to work decent, we provide refrigerated pressed fertilizer succus to cleanse your complete body.

But these aren’t the only treatments that can cure heroin dependence at The Holistic Sanctuary. We also content one-on-one therapy for 6 hours apiece day. That’s a total of 120 hours per period.

Heroin Cure