The Holistic Sanctuary Reviews

We cure heroin habituation at The Holistic Sanctuary through a concrete therapeutic system. This most advanced addiction-healing group uses plant-based medicine, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, halt cells and else born resources to correct and build the obey and meliorate your body and spirit. It provides suitable oxygen and nutrients and offers confirming blessing for a rank sanative.

To rebuild your mentality and remember, you’ll submit a high-dose vitamin IV therapy and group acids IV drips. These are necessary for resetting your intelligence.

Johnny the Healer Reviews

For cadre better and improvement, we finish Hyperbaric Element Therapy. And to wage your cells with the alive nutrients they demand to transform decently, we cater cutting pressed fertilizer juice to cleanse your total body.

But these aren’t the exclusive treatments that can cure heroin addiction at The Holistic Sanctuary. We also request one-on-one therapy for 6 hours each day. That’s a tally of 120 hours per period.