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In this video I’m going to talk about the new product “Go” by Modere. You may know it by its former name Spark by the company Advocare. Spark was an energy drink that was created for Advocare. The formulator of Spark recently joined forces with Modere and re-created a new and improved version that is clean and chemical free.

Modere Energy Drink

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Show Notes:

1. Advocare has recently restructured their business model and is no longer a network marketing company. The formulator of Spark came over to Modere and produced a very similar energy drink called “Go”. However this product is clean with no artificial flavors and sweetners, chemical and sugar free. Go is also keto friendly making it the perfect drink for the keto diet.

2. “Go” is formulated to help give you sustained energy throughout the day. It can help you focus and heightens mental alertness as well. It also helps support cognitive functioning.

3. “Go” comes in three flavors; orange citrus, acai pomegranate and fruit punch. You can take up to two packets a day mixed with cold water. To see optimal results it’s best to take on an empty stomach.

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